06 | News Headlines and Athleisure | Ryan and April Berg

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Ryan and April Berg are the co-founders of Aruna Project and live with their three children in Cincinnati, Ohio.  By providing empowerment through employment, the Aruna Project creates lifelong freedom marked by holistic care for victims of human trafficking.  Aruna Project’s products are crafted by skilled artisans who are finding their voice, experiencing independence, and growing with a sisterhood of others who have overcome.

Ryan and April have a desire for justice on behalf of the enslaved and channel that desire toward freeing, empowering, and employing young women from the brothels of South Asia. They are passionate advocates of those who have been silenced through sexual exploitation. 

In this week’s episode, Ryan and April share the trajectory changing moment when they experienced first hand the reality of modern day sexual slavery and how they decided to be the difference.

Hear stories of threads of hope in hard places, practical solutions to insurmountable problems, and the freedom that is possible when numbers become names.

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