30 | Impossible Made Possible | Kevin Schwieger

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Kevin Schwieger was born on the mission field and has served within ministry for over 30 years, from serving as a missionary to Marketplace Pastor at Grace Chapel. Two and a half years ago, Kevin discovered a new hiking trail and in his excitement to share about it, the vision for of Luke5Adventures was born. Luke5Adventures makes the impossible possible by gathering dedicated volunteers and special equipment to give outdoor experiences to people with disabilities. From Ohio to Colorado, Kevin and his team bring Luke 5 to life by helping everyone experience Jesus through nature, no matter their abilities.

In this episode, Kevin shares about how a conversation that never happened sparked curiosity and, ultimately, the founding of Luke5Adventures. He talks about “target versus tool,” how it applies to this work, and how God convicted him. Hear how God focused Kevin’s attention on a population of people that had before been “out of sight, out of mind,” and why he considers it “soul-quenching work” whenever they help provide a way to nature that was previously inaccessible.

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