35 | Foster Care and Adoption: Presence Matters | Chris & Sammy

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Welcome to season two of Be the Difference! In this episode, we are kicking off a new season filled with fresh stories and intentional conversations. In season two, Chris and Sammy will highlight one big question every month and dive into that question with our guests.

September is here, and we are focusing on one big question – how can we be the difference in the world of adoption and foster care? Has this topic always felt far away? Has it felt like something only wealthy people can take part in? Chris and Sammy admit it used to feel far away for each of them, but over the years, they’ve come to understand one thing: adoption and foster care is all about being present for someone else. Whether it’s being community around foster and adoptive families or coming alongside bio families as they navigate working to bring their family back together, we all want to feel like we belong.

This month, you will hear from two different special guests who have designed their lives after being present in the world of foster and adoption, and every month of season two, you can listen to a new episode every week!

Together, all around the world, we are highlighting those who are being the difference. Join us.

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