36 | Presence & Proximity | A Foster Care Conversation with Mike Wilson of MyLIFEspeaks

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Mike Wilson is a husband, biological and adoptive father, and the Co-Founder of myLIFEspeaks – a non-profit organization whose vision is for every Haitian child to experience family. Mike and his wife, Missy, have never wanted to come in and “Americanize” the culture of Haiti. Rather, they celebrate the Haitian culture while investing in locals to lead others and together elevate the future of Haiti. They know true sustainability and change comes from within.

In this episode, Mike shares about where he was on January 12th, 2010 and how it was a moment he will never forget. Hear how God continually reminds him, “I’m still here,” about what keeps him up at night, and why he will always tell people not to give up on Haiti.

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