39 | Art and Creativity: Beauty & Rebellion | Chris & Sammy

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Welcome to season two of Be the Difference! It’s a new month, which means the Be the Difference Podcast is highlighting a new theme. In season two, Chris and Sammy will highlight one big question every month and dive into that question with our guests.

October is here, and we are focusing on one big question – how can we be the difference in others’ lives through art and creativity? Do you consider yourself creative? An artist? Is there a chance we’re all more artistic than we give ourselves credit for? Chris and Sammy answer this question for themselves, discuss how art draws us into community, and how it always unlocks something new within us.

This month, you will hear from two different special guests – Katie Guiliano  and Brad Wise – two founders of creative endeavors who have designed their lives after being present through art. Join us this month as our co-hosts take part in creative, honest, vulnerable conversations about art, how it impacts the creator and those who engage with the creation.

Together, all around the world, we are highlighting those who are being the difference. Join us.

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