42 | Everyone is Creative | A Conversation on the Power of Art and Creativity with Brad Wise of Boonrise, Leadercast, and Bespoken

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Brad Wise is a husband, a father, a creative, and the founder of Boonrise – a video production company that exists to tell a better story through videos, experiences, and workshops that spark hope and action. Brad loves looking at things one way and asking if there’s a better or different way to do it; this intrigue and passion started in his adolescence when, instead of writing a paper on the effects of steroids, he asked to do a video instead. What began as a way to make his friends laugh and do work he actually enjoyed has turned into creating space and content where people can share and listen to each other’s stories. Brad shares, “When we tell our stories and we listen with kindness and imagination, something transcendent happens.”

In this episode, Brad shares his own definition of creativity and art, and how everyone can belong within that world. Hear about a woman named Joan he could listen to for hours and the story she shared that is one of his favorites, what exactly Boonrise means, and why Brad and his team chose it for their organization, and what is next for their team and why he is excited for what’s to come. 

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