43 | Voices of Leadership: Re-Imagining Roles | Chris, Sammy, & Beth Guckenberger

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November is here! This means many things, but for the Be the Difference Podcast, it means a month of new guests who bring their own stories and experiences in being the difference. It also means we are highlighting a new topic: voices in leadership! To kick off, Sammy and Chris meet with special guest, Beth Guckenberger, and ask for her insight on women in leadership and why it matters.

Beth is co-executive Director of Back2Back Ministries, as well as an author and speaker who has long held leadership positions within the evangelical world. She is currently writing a new book about the very topic of women being used by God in leadership positions. In this episode, hear a little bit more about the heart behind this month’s topic, why Beth’s next book started as a secret between her and Jesus, and how her heart has grown and expanded on this topic. Hear two words of encouragement as we engage in this conversation and who Beth’s own examples of women in leadership are. And please join us throughout this month to hear from two other women who lead within their own spheres of influence and ministry, and how we can each support the women in our lives who are leading with grace and love.

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