46 | 12 Ways to Be the Difference This Season | Chris & Sammy

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Tis the season! For two seasons of the Be the Difference Podcast, we have gathered together to hear of everyday people making an impact in the lives of those around them. We don’t need fancy job titles or a lot of money to come alongside others and offer our time, energy, and resources. As Sammy and Chris reflect on the stories we’ve heard and the lives changed as a result of those stories, they are inviting us to be the difference right now, in the midst of the Christmas season!

In this episode, join Chris and Sammy as they share personal anecdotes and 12 ways you can be the difference today, as we await the celebration of our King’s birth. Hear how they’ve each been impacted by the guests who have shared their own difference-making ways and prepare for the final episode of 2022!

12 ways to be the difference this season:

  1. Volunteer or donate (volunteer with Bogg, from one of our previous episodes)
  2. Trade ornaments with a neighbor
  3. Support a foster family
  4. Ask good questions
  5. Pick up a set of Story Cards to use over the Christmas season
  6. Go on a mission trip
  7. Shop locally-owned or minority-owned businesses
  8. Take time to write thank-you cards
  9. Thank those who have a more intense workload this time of year
  10. Join an Undivided cohort
  11. Sponsor a child 
  12. Invest in those who are investing in children
  13. (bonus) Share an episode of the Be the Difference Podcast with your friends and family!

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