47 | A Year in Review

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Another full year of stories of how everyday people are being the difference for one! Together, we’ve listened to stories of grit, determination, following promptings without knowing how things will end, and how people, everyday, choose to show up for others and leave an impact that won’t be forgotten. Thank you for joining us, sharing with us, and gathering around others to ensure they feel known and loved.

In this episode, Sammy and Chris share a Back2Back tradition called “picture of the day” and share each of their own “pictures of the year” from the podcast. You’ll hear about moments they’ve loved, felt challenged, and grown as a result of people sharing their stories. Hear about their highlights from Season 2 as they review the last year of change-makers.

Sammy’s Clips

30 | Impossible Made Possible | Kevin Schwieger

32 | Patience and Perseverance | Rick and Lisa Bursey 

42 | Everyone is Creative | Brad Wise

26 | Weightless Anchor | Andrea Holtman 

27 | Open Doors & Red Carpets | Hope and Cheque Garcia

36 | Presence & Proximity | Mike Wilson

Chris’s Clips

25 | Saying Yes in Every Season | Sammy Mathews 

29 | Cross Worship | Troy Culbreth 

31 | The Power of Presence | Dynette Clark

24 | Being a Young Life Leader | Garrett Dexter

33 | Voices of the Next Generation 

45 | From Planting to Preaching | Steve and Kelly Carr

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