49 | Learning Around the World | A Conversation on Education and Advocacy with Jes Biondo of Collected Ministries & Sprezza Foundry

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Jes Biondo is a daughter, a former Back2Back staff member, a traveler, a teacher, lifelong learner, creator of Sprezza Foundry Shop, and Executive Director and Podcast host of Collected Ministries & Podcast. Jes attributes her desire to say yes, even when she doesn’t know the outcome, to her parents and a teacher from her childhood.  She has taught English camps in Thailand, served the vulnerable in Mexico, and held teaching workshops in Kenya, among many other things. She believes serving is never one-sided – we can both teach and learn everywhere we are, and this model allows for sustainability within communities.

In this episode, Jes shares how she knows when God is leading her to something or asking her to reroute. Hear how she believes leaders can best serve and love their single staff members, why loneliness and singleness are not mutually exclusive, and why cultural representation is imperative in the classroom.

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Sprezza Foundry Shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SprezzaFoundry

Kilgoris Project: https://www.kilgoris.org/

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