50 | Teens in Foster Care | A Conversation on Connection and Relationship with Chris & Sammy

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Today is Be the Difference Podcast’s 50th episode! Thank you to all our faithful listeners for joining us in this journey of talking to everyday people about the remarkable ways they’re being the difference.

In this episode, Chris and Sammy discuss a staggering statistic on teens who age out of the foster care system and are thrust into the world. Hear how this impacts them both individually and with the global work Back2Back does, what being a safe adult in the life of a teen with trauma means, and how, as safe adults, we can see coping mechanisms as leadership skills worthy of development. Lastly, we want to know who you know that is making the difference in the life of a vulnerable teen and who understands the glaring need for connection and relationship.

The Video Sammy mentions: https://topyouthspeakers.com/speakers-topics/josh-shipp

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