51 | Find Peace With Yourself | A Conversation on Racial Reconciliation with Fred Oduyoye of Reachable Reconciliation

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Join us this week as we welcome back Fred Oduyoye! Fred first aired on the Be The Difference podcast in episode four! He lives in Cincinnati, Ohio and is the Founder of Reachable Reconciliation, Inc. 

Fred draws on his nearly twenty years of experience bridging urban and suburban communities to create intentional spaces for conversation about race, diversity, and responsibility in a small group setting. The goal of Reachable Reconciliation is to move a community from where they are to new places of understanding, empathy, and action. 

In this week’s episode, Fred answers a key question: why? Why Reachable Reconciliation? And why is it important to reconcile with ourselves, first? He takes us back to his childhood in Columbia, Maryland and how what he grew up seeing and understanding wasn’t actually what he would see everywhere as he grew up and left.  

Hear Fred share why he loves figuring out what makes people tick, why ongoing relational learning is key, and why he believes that if we are not having conversations, we aren’t doing the right work. 

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For more information about Reachable Reconciliation Inc. or to join a virtual cohort today, check out https://www.reachablereconciliation.com/

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