54 | One Billion Children | A Conversation on Trauma & Compassion with Chris & Sammy

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It’s a new month, which means our co-hosts have a new statistic! This week, Sammy shares a staggering statistic about children around the world and their experiences with trauma. It is a stat at the root of the holistic care Back2Back seeks to provide globally. 

In this week’s episode, Sammy and Chris discuss what we are to do with numbers like this and how do we keep from remaining in a state of hopelessness? They share what Back2Back has learned, and now teaches, about trauma and how it is not simply a matter of a good guy versus a bad guy, and why mercy should always be at the forefront of our response, especially to the aggressor. 

Hear Sammy and Chris share why it’s important for us to know and understand a statistic like this and remind us that trauma does not concern itself with zip code, tax bracket, gender, or skin color. 

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